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LPCB certified products, services and companies on RedBookLive

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Search for certified products, services and companies on RedBook, the directory of all LPCB certified solutions.

View LPCB certified products in RedBook Live

View LPCB certified products in RedBook Live

Redbook Live gives you access to all the product and services certifed by LPCB. Browse LPCB certified products, from sprinkler systems to fire rated cables and security protection. You can also find details and downloadable versions of the loss prevention standards.

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LPCB certified products in RedBook Live

About Redbook Live

About RedbookLive

The LPCB RedBook is a key reference for specifiers, regulators, designers, and end users of fire and security products and services. Every product and service listed in the RedBook has been robustly checked by independent experts to ensure that it delivers and will continue to deliver the performance expected.

The schemes we operate are classified under the following headings:-

•    Fire detection and alarm products and related installers
•    Fire suppression products and related installers
•    Fixed fire-fighting systems and related installers
•    Passive fire protection products and related installers
•    Cables
•    Security protection systems
•    Management systems
•    Construction products

Easy and instant access

Instant access to the most up-to-date RedBook listings used to be a RedBook but is now more readily available than ever.

International recognition

LPCB listings are accepted throughout the UK and around the world. To further promote and manage our growing international presence, regional LPCB representatives have been appointed in the Middle East and India.

LPCB—BRE Global—BRE— BRE Trust: how they work together

The RedBook is the LPCB list of Approved Fire & Security Products and Services. LPCB and is the approval brand that BRE Global operates for fire and security products and services.

BRE Global and sister company BRE are part of the BRE Group which is owned by the BRE Trust. The Trust is a registered charity that works to advance knowledge, innovation and communication in the built environment. All profits made by the its subsidiary companies are used to fund new research and education programmes.

Redbook Live offers:

Redbook Live offers:
  • Intuitive search functionality – easily access all products and services through one search function, including new search filters.
  • ‘My RedBook’ – a free Redbook Live account, to save listing searches and create personalised project folders. When a listing is saved as a ‘favourite', it will become a live snapshot, ensuring that any changes, such as updated certificates or suspensions, are reflected in the personalised folders.
  • ‘My RedBook’ is fully compatible with mobile devices, allowing you to access favourited listings remotely.

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