FirePro expanded sales opportunities through LPCB certification

FirePro expanded sales opportunities through LPCB certification

Demonstrating the quality and reliability of its products through The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), FirePro gained sales and product recognition.


After independently demonstrating the quality and reliability of its products, FirePro expanded sales and increased product recognition. Working with BRE, the company introduced a new Loss Prevention Standard in this sector.


FirePro designs, manufactures and distributes worldwide the environmentally friendly FirePro Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression Technology. With more than 25 years of experience, FirePro have succeeded in establishing a global presence from its EU headquarters. The company has a network of distributors covering 90 countries and protecting lives and assets in more than 120 countries.


Back in 1994, FirePro first introduced its environmentally friendly condensed aerosol fire suppression technology. This was following a ban imposed by the Montreal Protocol and the Clean Air Act on ozone depleting substances such as HALON 1301, a widely used fire suppression agent at the time.

The relationship between FirePro and LPCB dates back to 1998, and LPCB’s history of providing independent third-party certification for fire and security products began over 100 years ago.


As a forward-thinking and customer-centric organisation FirePro identified that achieving certification to the newly developed Loss Prevention Standard (LPS 1656) was an opportunity to further demonstrate the quality of its products, as well as a requirement to expand into new markets

“LPCB certification is mandatory for gaining access to certain projects and accounts in the UK. Without it, we would forgo the benefits” explains Dr. Gian Guido Gianfilippi De Parenti, Executive Director at FirePro.

FirePro also welcomed the development of LPS 1204 Issue 3.2, that now includes certification requirements for companies installing, commissioning and servicing condensed aerosol systems.


FirePro strived to meet its promise of making the world safer by effecting advances in the fire suppression industry. The company decided to have its products tested and certified by LPCB because of the depth of knowledge and expertise that each LPCB specialist possesses.

Another driver was the gaining the instantly recognised LPCB certification mark, which provides confidence to specifiers, insurers and end users. This, along with LPCB’s reputation within the industry, has ensured that FirePro continue to work with BRE for their requirements.


Key benefits included:

  • Increased recognition, and market penetration, through certification

  • Supported access to new international markets

  • Product improvement opportunities identified through participation in the certification process

BRE’s fire team continues to be an integral part of the fire safety industry in the UK and internationally. The certification process consists of initial type testing and technical evaluation, ongoing product auditing and the regular surveillance of the manufacturer’s quality system and production procedures.

Following successful certification, all products, systems and services are listed in the Red Book, making it an essential reference for specifiers, regulators, designers and end users of fire and security related products and services. Dr. Gianfilippi believes that product listing in the Red Book is a benefit itself.

FirePro has experienced a number of tangible commercial benefits from successful testing and certification, including increased sales in new international markets and increased customer confidence. As an organisation, it has a number of research and development projects that they are considering for certification to Loss Prevention Standards.

LPCB is an elite certification body with worldwide recognition. LPCB certification gives our products and systems even more credibility in the global scene.
– Dr. Gian Guido Gianfilippi De Parenti, Executive Director at FirePro
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LPCB product certification process

LPCB product certification process

What is product certification? Certification (or approval) is independent third party confirmation that a product or system meets and continues to meet the appropriate standard. BRE Global offers independent third party certification to existing British, European, International and its own Loss Prevention Standards (LPSs) or Schedules of Requirements

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